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SEO services for small businesses

Google is the primary touch-point through which customers seeking information on products and services find and connect with businesses in NZ.

The no.1 online source of leads and sales enquiries for NZ businesses is Google.

If your website is not highly visible in Google for your most relevant keywords – then your phone probably isnt ringing enough and you are missing out on opportunities.

SEO Packages

We have a range of highly effective and affordable SEO packages designed to improve search engine rankings and organic traffic for small business websites.

Our SEO service packages cover all key on page and off page elements that impact on your search rankings, and includes optimising your Google Places listings.

In most cases we can deliver 1st page results for your key search terms, and improvements in Google rankings will occur consistently over time.

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SEO & AdWords

To maximise your traffic and sales leads opportunities from Google, we recommend that you invest in both SEO and AdWords advertising.

Achieving strong organic rankings in conjunction with targeted AdWords advertising will deliver the largest share of relevant traffic to your website.

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Small Business SEO Services

Download our Google SEO info pack detailing our packages designed for small NZ businesses.

  • Reviewed & researched by our SEO experts
  • Website tuned to your target keywords
  • Local SEO recommendations
  • Website audit & recommendations
  • One off fixed fee

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