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Remarketing Advertising Campaigns

Much of the advertising that we all see online, is tailored to our own personal browsing behaviour and interests. This makes online advertising much more relevant to the individual and therefore more efficient to the advertiser.

Remarketing is a highly effective way of targeting ads to previous visitors to a website, especially if you are in a competitive business where customers shop around and take time to make their purchasing decision.

Often Remarketing will increase the ROI of other forms of advertising and we often recommend it as complementary to AdWords advertising.

Google and Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing can be run within the Google AdWords advertising platform which provides access to advertising inventory on a very large number of websites known as the Google Display Network.

It can also be run in the Facebook advertising platform where ads are displayed within the Facebook network.

Remarketing Ad Strategies

There are a wide range of features available within the platforms that provide Remarketing. In general we find that display type ad formats with engaging imagery are the most effective. Consideration needs to be given to how audience lists are structured and how membership duration options can be leveraged.

Read our blog article about how Remarketing works.

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Remarketing Campaigns

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