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Display & banner advertising

When combined with other online marketing initiatives, display advertising or banner advertising campaigns can be very effective.

Adhesion mostly uses the Google Display Network for managing display advertising and we deploy a range of methods for placing display advertising including;

  1. Contextual targeting, which places the ads on website pages where the content is relevant to the target audience.
  2. Placement of ads are on selected websites that are suited demographically to the target audience.
  3. Remarketing campaigns where specific audiences are targeted with ads as they browse the internet.

Display Advertising Strategy

Often, our process starts with placing ads contextually and or by topics and interests and then migrating to targeted placement on specific websites which have proven to resonate with the target audience.

Generally display and banner advertising will have more of a brand awareness objective and are ideally suited to broadcasting promotions, sales and special events. To this end they are also ideally suited to Remarketing campaigns which can be used as a reminder prompt to recent website visitors and or to promote new offers to website visitors that visited in the past.

Static vs Animated Ads

Generally we find that static image ads are more effective than highly animated ads, and according to Google’s display benchmarks, animated ads have a lower click-through rate than static ads by approx 70%.  CTR however isn't always the best metric to measure performance as often display ads prompt users to visit a website  via organic search than by directly clicking on the ad.

Animated Display Ads

Image animation in display ads is usually achieved by using GIFs or HTML5. Because ads have a tight size restriction of only 150KB, GIFs can usually only exhibit a couple images of less-than-ideal quality.

HTML5 is a simple coding language and can be used to render advertisements with animation like this one: Adhesion HTML5 Animated Display Ad.

Display Ad Sizes

There is a wide range of display ads sizes that can be placed on websites. We normally produce sets of display ads to fit the most common ad inventory sizes made available on main stream websites and we normally limit this to the top 4 or 5 ad sizes.

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