Google Analytics – How to track email and banner ad campaigns

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

You can use the Google Analytics URL builder tool to create URLs which can then be measured as standalone campaigns in Google Analytics.

This is ideal for measuring Email Marketing campaigns or Banner ad campaigns. This is not necessary for AdWords campaigns provided your AdWords account is correctly linked to your Google Analytics.

The URL builder allows custom campaign parameters to be created and appended to your campaign URL links.

We recommend that you always use utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign for every link to keep track of your campaign referral traffic. The utm_term and utm_content can be used for tracking additional information.

How the parameters work

utm_source: Identifies the advertiser, website or publication that is sending traffic to your website. e.g. September Email Newsletter, NZ Herald Banner Campaign etc
utm_medium: The advertising or marketing medium, e.g email campaign, display advertising etc
utm_campaign: The individual campaign name, promotion or product
utm_term: Identify paid search keywords. If you're manually tagging paid keyword campaigns, you should also use utm_term to specify the keyword.
utm_content: Used to differentiate links within the same email. For example, set different values for each so link so you can tell which gets clicked on the most.

Generate your Campaign URL Links

Use the URL builder tool to generate your campaign URLs, then copy and paste them into your campaign assets.

The URL builder tool can be found here:

Separate the parameters from a URL with a question mark. List the variables and values as pairs separated by an equals sign. Separate each variable-value pair with an ampersand. Parameters can be added to a URL in any order, but must use the proper syntax. Note that Analytics is case sensitive, so utm_source=google is different from utm_source=Google. Case sensitivity applies for each variable you define.

For Example:

For more information about creating custom campaigns see:

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