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Google AdWords & Google Analytics Definitions

Updated: Feb 11, 2019



Search network = AdWords text ads served on Google search results pages

Display network = AdWords image ads served alongside relevant content on websites that accept Google ads

Clicks = the number of times ads were clicked on

Impression = one impression is recorded each time an AdWords ad is served in Google search results

New visitor = a visitor that has not clicked an ad in the last 30 days

Click through rate (CTR) = the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions

Average position = the average position of an ad in the sponsored links column in Google search results

Cost per click (CPC) = the average cost per click

Budget = the maximum daily budget assigned to a campaign for click spend

Cost, spend = total amount spent on clicks

View through conversion = number of online conversions within 30 days of a visitor seeing a display ad

Google Analytics

Visits = total number of new and returning visits to the website

Direct traffic = website visitors who typed the domain name into their browser or clicked a bookmark

Referred traffic = website visitors who clicked on a link to the website from another website

Search traffic = website visitors who clicked a paid (e.g. AdWords) or unpaid (organic search) search engine result

Paid traffic = website visitor who clicked an AdWords ad

Organic traffic = website visitor who clicked on a natural Google search result (not a sponsored link)

Email traffic = website visitor who clicked on a link in an email campaign

New visit = a new website visit in the specified date range

Returning visit = a website visit by a user who has been more than once in the specified date range

Unique visitor = a new visitor to the website (note: visits and visitors are not the same)

Bounce rate = the percentage of visits that left the website from the page they landed on

Page views = the number of pages viewed on average per visit

Time on site = the average time spent on the website per visit


Revenue = total online sales revenue

Transaction = an online sale

Cost per transaction (CPT) = AdWords campaign spend divided by the number of transactions

Average revenue/value = average revenue per transaction

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