Does Google AdWords help SEO?

Updated: Jun 06, 2018

We're often asked by customers if AdWords advertising will help their website's SEO performance?

There is no direct connection between the AdWords advertising platform and how web pages are indexed and ranked in organic Google search results. So in short, AdWords has no direct impact on your SEO performance and rankings.

Any connection between AdWords and SEO?

AdWords can however influence your organic rankings over time. Brand popularity and trust are elements within Googles search algorithm that are earned over time and online these can be influenced by the level of your brand visibility and its reach within Google search results.

To this end, AdWords is a very effective means to building your brand awareness and trust through having a strong presence in Google search results. 

In most cases, a visitors interaction with a website is not a single event. Adwords is often the stepping point to the website for visitors, whom are then likely to return via a brand search and organic listing. 

The outcome from a strong AdWords presence is an increase in brand search activity and over time this will have a direct benefit on your organic rankings.

Whats the benefit of using AdWords and SEO together?

The main benefit of running AdWords and having a good SEO program is that you will increase your overall share of search traffic. Mature online marketers understand that ultimately they will maximise their traffic and lead generation opportunity from attaining the highest level of visibility and presence in search results, particularly for those keywords that are strategically important to their business.

Having strong Adwords and organic positions together will mean your brand presence in search results is greater and this will result in a higher share of traffic. 

So in summary, an AdWords centric campaign will benefit from a complimentary SEO presence and conversely a SEO centric campaign will, benefit from an AdWords presence.

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