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Gmail for business - G Suite

Google's email solution for business is known as G Suite - formally called G Apps and commonly referred to as gmail for business.

We have been using G Suite since its inception and we now offer a set up and support service to customers.

Email remains a mission critical business tool and businesses are dependent on having a solution that is easy to manage and reliable. When your email goes wrong it can be a very frustrating experience and traditional domain email set ups can often be difficult to problem resolve.

Business grade email

G Suite includes business grade email and is cloud based. G Suite integrates easily into most popular cloud business crm and accounting applications including Xero.

G Suite is not a free service - and there are a range of package options to suite different sized businesses, from small up to enterprise level. G Suite Basic costs US$5 per mth per email address.

For a one off fee, Adhesion can set up your G Suite account and migrate existing domain email addresses and emails into your new account. We can provide a 20% promotional discount on your first year of G Suite (conditions apply).

Please download our brochure, or contact us for more information.

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G Suite Brochure

For more info, download our brochure on G Suite and the benefits of gmail for business.

  • works with your existing domain email addresses
  • accessible on all devices (laptops, tablets and mobiles)
  • very secure and backed up
  • easy to manage & lower IT support costs
  • 20% discount off your 1st year

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