Basic On-page Search Engine Optimisation

Updated: Nov 20, 2015

Believe it or not, search engine optimisation (SEO) is fore mostly a marketing initiative!

Sure the implementation may require programmers, but the overall objective is to generate traffic to your site that you can then convert into leads or sales. On-page SEO is just one component in the larger search engine optimisation discipline, but its important to get the basics right first.

If done well, on-page SEO achieves two things 1) it will place your website pages in front of your target audience when they are searching, and 2) it will communicate in a way that will make them want to click.

To deliver the first outcome, you first need to tell Google what exactly your pages are about so that they can be accurately indexed (like books in a library that are well organised using the index card system).

Pages that are tightly aligned with the words and phrases your target audience use when they are searching for the products or services you sell will rank highly on Google Search Results pages. And the higher your site appears, the more traffic you will generate, and therefore the more opportunities you have to make sales.

Secondly, to "attract" clicks, your search result listing needs to be a compelling marketing message. Both of the above are achieved by "crafting" the following web page components (in this example, we would be targeting the keywords "window repair"):

Important On-Page SEO Elements

Page titles must start with the targeted keywords, be no more than 70 characters, and each page title must be unique e.g. Window Repair Specialists - ABC Limited.

URLs should be "clean" and contain the targeted keywords separated by hyphens not underscores You may need to implement a URL re-write solution for your website cms if your URLs are nor clean.

Meta Descriptions must contain the targeted keywords, be no more than 155 characters, and be unique to each page e.g. ABC Limited specializes in window repair with all work completed by certified technicians. Contact us for a free quote today! Remember, this is the marketing message part of the equation - make your meta descriptions succinct, interesting and communicate a call to action that tells searchers what they should do.

Meta keywords used to be important in on-page SEO, but these days they don't any weight and its now advisable not to include these in your meta data.

Every web page should have a clear bolded headline to tell the visitor where they are, it should be coded as an H1, and must contain the targeted keywords e.g. Window Repair Specialists.

The targeted keywords (and variations) should be used in the first paragraph of the page copy.

The targeted keywords should be used in the file name and alt tag of any images on the page e.g. window-repair.jpg and Window Repair by ABC Limited.

These are listed in order of importance and getting URL's, page titles, and meta descriptions right is the most critical. Lastly, each page should only be optimised for one or at most two keyword themes to ensure Google is 100% clear what the page is about when they index it.

It is also recommended that you submit a dynamic xml site map to Google webmaster tools. This will help Google crawl all your web pages and alert Google to newly published pages.

If you require assistance with your optimising your website for improved search rankings, then contact us for a consultation.

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Arena Living

The team have been fantastic at Adhesion with real, actionable advice and results. We work in a narrow industry where our audience is not as digital savvy as the rest of the world has become used to. We are seeing increased conversions and better lead quality and it's been a great journey so far. Thanks crew, much appreciated!!

3 months ago

HomePlus NZ

Adhesion offer a great service and a lot of really great advice to help boost our online presence. They always make us feel like no question is a stupid question, which is helpful when trying to negiotate the complicated world of online advertising. Joanna from HomePlus

3 months ago

Diversity Works NZ

Adhesion have been a dream to work with! Their service has been incredible and their ability to help SME's grow and prosper in the digital realm is admirable.

a month ago

Andrew Olsen

I use Adhesion for my Google Seo and Facebook Campaigns. They have always provided excellent results. I have found there service to be flawless and are always available to help with any questions or concerns I have. I would highly recommend Tony and the crew.

7 months ago

Tracy Cleary

As a company we have worked with Tony for many years now and have found his experience and insight to be of great value to the business. I have personally worked with few different members of his team over the years and they are always friendly and quick to reply to my emails and explain things in a way I can understand. Keep up the good work.

a year ago

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