"Most NZ businesses suffer from a lack of quality content."

Copywriting and Content Editing for Business Websites

The power and importance of good website copy is significantly underestimated by most Kiwi businesses. If you search for a local service, you'll likely land on a website whose language is overly jargonistic, vague or formal (or just lacking entirely). Human-friendly copywriting improves user engagement and sales, but it is a soft skill that requires a lot of practice. Contact Adhesion for our professional copywriting services, introduced below:

6 copywriting practices to improve your website

As a general rule of thumb: Treat most pages like a niche FAQ. Answer users' most important questions as efficiently as possible, with as much detail as necessary.

  • Keep your writing conversational, yet concise. You're writing for humans who want to be somewhat entertained, even when browsing products and services. If you can't write at least 300 words of interesting and useful content for a webpage, perhaps that webpage shouldn't exist?
  • Publish new content regularly. Your website should not be seen as a static brochure. Update pages with revised copy, and add new copy when the opportunity arises. To increase your website's traffic and SEO performance, try write about 1 topical blog article per month (but be sure to read Adhesion's How to write blog articles and How does blogging help SEO?).
  • Edit your writing to make it more readable: Shorten sentences and split long sentences in two; Replace complex/jargonistic words to reduce your average number of syllables; Use headers to structure your content into distinct chunks — People naturally skim through three quarters of text to find what they're looking for. In July 2018, Google's AI-enabled proofreading and grammar checking tool started rolling out to compete with Grammarly and Microsoft (Hint: try drafting your blog articles on Google Docs).
  • Write for humans, then for SEO. The Moz Blog has a fantastic 10 minute video about What It Means to "Write for SEO" in 2018. We recommend this to any business owner or employee who writes website content of any kind.
  • Optimise headers for user engagement and SEO performance. 8 out of 10 people will leave a webpage after skimming an article's headers. Engaging headers usually contain a number, the word 'you' or 'your', and a negative word like 'no' or 'stop'. Generally speaking, the 'ideal' header should be 6 words long and no more than 54 characters in length (e.g. "6 copywriting practices to improve your website").
  • Use images and graphs to visualise key points. Original graphics and photography improve user engagement, SEO performance and sales. Sadly, the large majority of NZ businesses barely invest in something that is well known to increase revenue. This article explains how Quality Imagery Improves Conversion Rates and how you can obtain near-professional-quality website imagery with only a smartphone. Alternatively, you can always hire a cheap photographer from the University of Auckland's Photography Society, or from 90 Seconds.

Call Adhesion on 0800 234 374 to discuss your website needs and, if you want, get a quote for our copywriting services. Adhesion's copywriting services have no fixed prices but, regardless of your budget, we'll get you walking down the best path.

Enquire about our professional copywriting services and or consult us on what might be your optimal content marketing strategy.

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Arena Living

The team have been fantastic at Adhesion with real, actionable advice and results. We work in a narrow industry where our audience is not as digital savvy as the rest of the world has become used to. We are seeing increased conversions and better lead quality and it's been a great journey so far. Thanks crew, much appreciated!!

2 months ago

HomePlus NZ

Adhesion offer a great service and a lot of really great advice to help boost our online presence. They always make us feel like no question is a stupid question, which is helpful when trying to negiotate the complicated world of online advertising. Joanna from HomePlus

a month ago

Diversity Works NZ

Adhesion have been a dream to work with! Their service has been incredible and their ability to help SME's grow and prosper in the digital realm is admirable.

a week ago

Andrew Olsen

I use Adhesion for my Google Seo and Facebook Campaigns. They have always provided excellent results. I have found there service to be flawless and are always available to help with any questions or concerns I have. I would highly recommend Tony and the crew.

6 months ago

Tracy Cleary

As a company we have worked with Tony for many years now and have found his experience and insight to be of great value to the business. I have personally worked with few different members of his team over the years and they are always friendly and quick to reply to my emails and explain things in a way I can understand. Keep up the good work.

a year ago

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